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Viva Dental Laboratory
Why Choose Us?

Viva Dental Lab provides the dental community with remarkable products and services, ranging from the highest quality restorations to customer service. We pride ourselves on the consistency that we provide to all of our clients and their patients

We acknowledge how precious your chair time is and are dedicated to providing you with a flawless, long-lasting restoration, every time, right on time. The hassle-free service we offer not only reduces your chair-time, but your headaches as well.

The doctors that we work with understand the importance of having a prestigious reputation and what it can do for the success and growth of their practice. We take pride in and will make every effort possible to contribute to the success, growth and reputation of your practice because we know the importance of a happy patient, which has made a prestigious reputation and practice for our clients.

We love to know how we are doing and constantly strive to improve. Maintaining a positive business relationship and ongoing communication with our clients is what allows us to stay on top. We are dedicated to perfecting each and every case so that our clients and their patients are 100% satisfied.


From when we receive your case to completion, we will work with you to ensure all your cases, simple or complex, are designed with the best products in mind.


We offer dedicated Technicians who learn and work with your preferences. Our technicians are your main point of contact who help guide you through your cases, trouble shoot, and provide you with on-going community support.

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