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Ways You Can Benefit From A Night Guard

At Viva Dental Laboratory we custom make some of the best night guards around. Our customers love Impact Thermoplastic Night guards composed of a unique elastic acrylic resin material. This allows us to make it thinner than a tradition hard/soft guard, but is durable enough for active nocturnal bruxers. We articulate both molds to simulate TMJ movement, incorporating lateral and protrusive movements onto the occlusal surface of each nigh guard. This removes any extra stress from your TMJ and allows for natural movement.

Ease Pain & Headaches

Sadly, there are masses of discomforts that accompany TMJ. Patients often complain of a sore or tender jaw, morning headaches, sensitive teeth, and spasms. Night guards can make a tremendous difference when it comes to these everyday aches and pains. The night guard prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming in contact, thereby lessening the effects of nightly grinding and clenching.

Prevent Tooth Damage

Night guards also offer a vital benefit by helping you prevent expensive tooth damage. The nightly habit of automatically grinding and clenching your jaw can lead to chipped teeth, damage to fillings, and excessive wear of the teeth. A custom fit mouth guard will not only safeguard your comfort, but the quality of your smile as well.

Improve Your Sleep Patterns

With maximum comfort and reduced symptoms that a night guard offers, it’s a great way to aid your sleep patterns. The mouth guard positions your jaw in a manner in order to help your muscles relax. And by keeping those muscles as relaxed as possible, it can help you avoid grinding at night.

Why choose an Impact Thermoplastic Night Guard?

  • Impact Night Guard is Self-Adjusting: Heat it under warm water and the

guard will mold to the teeth

  • Impact Night Guard is Less Bulky: Superior wearability and patient comfort compared to traditional hard/soft guards

  • Impact Night Guard has Faster Seating Time: Better fit reduces seating time and dimensional stability means fewer, if any, adjustments

  • Impact Night Guard softens slightly in warm water so it conforms more readily to tooth contours. Immediately prior to insertion, immerse the Impact Night Guard in warm tap water for one to two minutes. This simple step will allow final customization for the patient’s optimum comfort.

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